Purify Your Gaze is dedicated to providing recovery support to all, regardless of financial ability.

As a result of donations provided by the generosity of those in the Muslim community we have been able to establish a limited scholarship fund in accordance to this philosophy.

We are looking for applicants who are energetic, resourceful, and have a positive attitude - please consider this and be thoughtful and thorough in your responses, and try your best to give us a good understanding of who you are and what this scholarship would mean to you if awarded.

To be considered for a scholarship you must complete this form and be willing to fulfill the to the agreed requirements of being an accepted participant in the Purify Your Gaze program.
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The tuition for our 6 months Foundations Of Freedom program is $594 ($99 per month over 6 months).

Of that amount, how much are you able to afford each month?  (Prices are in US dollars) *

The Purify Your Gaze Program is delivered 100% virtually online and by phone. Regular participation requires your ability to have a reliable Internet connection and the ability to tune into weekly phone meetings.

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Be as honest and thoughtful as possible in the section above. (Please note that any possible complications disclosed here will not necessarily disqualify you as a Scholarship candidate, but will help us customize your program)
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What proactive steps have you taken to improve your personal development and address your unwanted behaviors in the past 6 months to 1 year?

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Please do not focus on your financial needs in this question. Rather, please tell us about what this scholarship means to you and what difference you hope to see by participating in our program.
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